The Marvelous Features of Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel: Contest of Champions mobile game has been published by Kabam. It is a fighting game released in 2014 especially for usage in all Android and iOS phones. Centered on the Marvel Universe, the fighting game helps youngsters to fight against evil and injustice. Marvel heroes like Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk and Wolverine can also be accessed through the game. Villains like Loki, Ultron, Magneto and Rhino each with their classic traits and abilities are also seen in the game.
Intriguing Features

The energy system is the main feature that regulates the battles that players can fight in. As the levels of Summoner increases, the energy limit increases. Energy can be recharged automatically or manually. Players can wage war over opponents through quests. The game can be played online through both single as well as well as through multiplayer mode as the opponents are not real-time players but A.I-controlled. The game uses the touch mode for play where attacks are used to win battles. The basic attack are heavy, medium, light and black while the special attacks are sprinting forward or shuffling backwards depending on the characteristics of the heroes. The combo system makes use of mixture of movements and well played blocks. As the level increase, unique movements also increase. You can also gain XP through Story Quest that helps you to add more heroes into your roster. Fighting takes place in the arena such as Dr. Strange’s Sanctum, Dr. Strange’s dimension, Asteroid M. Asgard vault and Asgard throne room and power station.

The Alliance and the Tiers

Another feature in Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game is the ability to enter Alliances whereby you can help your team friends to earn more points and crystal. The global chat helps you to keep contact with friends and players on global level; to ask for suggestions; to provide suggestions and generally chat with one-another. Players can also have Alliances as groups or parties to get access to Alliance quests and Alliance crystals. By playing Alliance events, the players can get rewards. The game is played with heroes and villains. The fighters come in tiers or can come through obtaining crystals or in arena. Each fighter comes from six classes which are Mystic, Science, Mutant, Cosmic, Tech and Skill. Each class has power over another in a particular order as each class has a unique advantage along with a relationship between these classes. Each character gains advantage over their opponent according to the damage caused.

You can enjoy the great battles waged in the Marvel history according to your expertise in the game and create battles between Captain America and Iron Man or between Hulk and Wolverine. As a free-to-play game played on the mobile device, the player can participate in the Contest of Champions and be a part of the war. Marvel Contest of Champions Hack Apk helps you to bypass other players by giving you all the resources to play the game for free such as gold, units and crystals whenever you need to update your superstars.

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